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Doggy Ditties From A To Z

RRP $15.99

Doggy ditties, rather witty about a kids best friend; a crazy collection, a silly selection, from A through to Z at the end. Anybodys whos ever had a dogor yearned to have onewill love these A to Z ditties about lots of different breeds of dog.

About the Author

Jo van Dam was born in England and moved to New Zealand when she was 11 years old. Her family always had cats and dogs, which inspired her to write Doggy Ditties. Jo lives in central Auckland with her husband, two nearly adult children and two large black cats (no dogs at the moment). Jo is the librarian at two primary schools and she says that sharing her passion and enthusiasm for books and words is the best job in the world.

About the Illustrator

Myles Lawford has been making art since he was a child, and graduated from AUT with a bachelor of Spatial Design. For the past 15 years Myles has worked for design agencies using his illustration skills to bring concepts to life and creating animated cartoons for TV shows, advertisements and games. Recently Myles has been involved in children's sporting education programmes and last year he illustrated Scholastic NZ's The Twelve Days of Kiwi Christmas.

How To Be A Dog

RRP $15.99

What do dogs REALLY want?

* to catch a ball and never let go
* to scare the pesky vet away
* to steal a snuggly duvet
* to have gloopy mud baths - NOT bubble baths
* food
* more food
* even more food

The charming, heartwarming illustrations show how dogs choose their owners, where it's best to sleep in the house (under the owner's duvet, of course) and how to pretend you haven't been fed yet...A picture book that gives children and grown-ups a warm, happy glow!

About the Author

Joanne Williamson is a published author of children's books. Some of the published credits of Joanne Williamson include Hittite Warrior (Living History Library), God King: A Story in the Days of King Hezekiah (Living History Library).

Judy : A Dog In A Million

RRP $19.99

Judy, a beautiful liver and white English pointer, and the only animal POW of WWII, truly was a dog in a million, cherished and adored by the British, Australian, American and other Allied servicemen who fought to survive alongside her. Viewed largely as human by those who shared her extraordinary life, Judy's uncanny ability to sense danger, matched with her quick-thinking and impossible daring saved countless lives. She was a close companion to men who became like a family to her, sharing in both the tragedies and joys they faced.

It was in recognition of the extraordinary friendship and protection she offered amidst the unforgiving and savage environment of a Japanese prison camp in Indonesia that she gained her formal status as a POW. Judy's unique combination of courage, kindness and fun repaid that honour a thousand times over and her incredible story is one of the most heartwarming and inspiring tales you will ever read.

About the Author

Damien Lewis has spent twenty years reporting from war, disaster and conflict zones around the world. He has written a dozen non-fiction and fiction books, topping bestseller lists worldwide, and is published in some thirty languages. Two of his books are being made into feature films.


RRP $15.99

Blending mystery and romance, Kate Watterson's "Fractured "finds Detective Ellie MacIntosh racing to stop a serial killer.Milwaukee homicide detective Ellie MacIntosh's bizarre case takes gruesome to a new level--and is eerily and frustratingly familiar. She has seen the signature work of the killer before, but cannot connect the victims. There isn't a single suspect in sight, but at least the case gives Ellie something to focus on instead of her chaotic personal life.Ellie's partner, Jason Santiago, is glad to be back on the job, even on a disturbing case like this one. Working with Ellie has evolved into a tangled relationship that is no longer platonic, at least to him. The trouble is, she has no idea how he feels. Jason's chance to make a move is now, but he's paralyzed by the fear he will ruin both his career and a partnership he values more than any he has ever had.Therapist Dr. Georgia Lukens is fascinated by the complicated relationship between Ellie and Jason, but she has other, non-detective patients with deeper problems. When a timid woman named Rachel reveals that she suspects her promiscuous and charismatic roommate Lea has been involved in the grisly murders, Georgia is put into the untenable position of deciding if this privileged information is just the ramblings of a delusional patient or something more. And little does she know that Lea has become focused on Jason Santiago.As Ellie pieces together a macabre puzzle of past and present sins, it becomes clear that madness takes many forms and it may be too late to stop her partner from becoming the next victim."

A Dog Called Prince

RRP $16.99

Engage Literacy is the new reading scheme from Raintree that introduces engaging and contemporary content to motivate and support early readers while providing a reliable and instructional framework. All titles are precisely levelled, with new vocabulary being introduced and reinforced throughout the levels. This is a level 25 fiction title in the Lime book band level.


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