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The Easy Way To Teach Your Dog To Come In 10 Days

RRP $13.99

Professional Training Secrets Revealed! At last! A proven way to teach your dog to come when you call in 10 days Are you sick and tired of your dog ignoring you when you ask him to come? Have you tried other training system that did work? Are you sick and tired of his stubborn behavior and don't know what to do? Finally a proven system reveals everything including... You will learn: Dog training the easy way Training day one Easy training without a leash What to do to get any dog to obey your commands Hide and Seek, How I Train a Stubborn Dog What to do if he doesn't obey you Let's go outside Get fast results using dog treats What treats dogs like best You can either continue screaming at your dog every time he runs away or you can start using my proven system and stop it today.... Would you like to know more? Download now and get results today! Scroll to the top of the page and select the "BUY" button.

Is There A Dog In This Book?

RRP $16.99

In this third title in the extraordinarily inventive, brilliantly interactive "Cats" series from award-winning illustrator Viviane Schwarz - our three favourite picture book cats Tiny, Moonpie and Andre make a new furry friend.

Another brilliantly interactive book full of flaps and surprises from the award-winning creator of There Are Cats in this Book and There Are No Cats in this Book. Tiny, Moonpie and Andre smell something funny... but what can it be? Wait, hang on a second, is it a DOG? Is there a dog in this book?! Oh no! The cats are scared of dogs! Dogs are snappy and yappy, smelly and noisy and... they hate cats. So, they all try and hide from him - behind the couch, under the piano, in the wardrobe... Will the little doggy ever find them? An irresistibly fun book for cat (and dog) lovers!

About the Author

Viviane Schwarz is the author-illustrator of the highly acclaimed picture books There Are Cats in This Book and There Are No Cats in This Book, both of which were shortlisted for the Kate Greenaway Medal (2009, 2012). The Adventures of a Nose was also shortlisted for the V&A illustration Award. She was named one of the Booktrust's Best New Illustrators 2011. Her debut graphic novel The Sleepwalkers was nominated for the British Comics Awards and her activity picture book Welcome to Your Awesome Robot was published to great acclaim. Viviane lives in London, SE23.

Dogs I've Met

RRP $49.95

"Dogs I've Met" relates Jessie Bailey Crook's many casual meetings with a wide variety of dogs and what their owners said about them. For several years, while enjoying her own three, she met other dogs during her international and domestic travels. In Japan, Greece, Spain, Peru, Kenya, and Italy, and from Ohio to Wyoming and Florida, Jessie regularly encountered dogs. From conversations with their owners she learned about the dogs' origins, idiosyncracies, names and sometimes much more. "Dogs I've Met" is a compilation from her journals of those many humorous, interesting and insightful encounters. The reader will meet Cameron, Simba and Trixster, the author's three dogs and learn about the painful loss of Simba (pictured on the cover) from cancer. Writing this book was therapy for that loss. Reading it will give dog lovers everywhere an opportunity to enjoy, as did the author, encounters from Angel to Zane with many memorable dogs such as Biff, Cuervo, Ditka and Ellie. This book is a delightful "treat" for even those who don't love dogs.

By Way Of The Red Sea

RRP $16.99

This is a study of Exodus 13:18-19. This simple passage of Scripture contains some important details about the work of God in the wilderness of life. In these two verses we see that God not only delivered His people but also, how understanding their weaknesses and temptations, He led, refined, equipped and matured them as they travelled through the wilderness. This is not just Israel's story but ours as well. The same God works. The purpose of this study is to help the reader understand the work of God in the difficulties of life.

A Dog's Tale (great American Classics Series)

RRP $18.99

My father was a St. Bernard, my mother was a collie, but I am a Presbyterian. This is what my mother told me, I do not know these nice distinctions myself. To me they are only fine large words meaning nothing. My mother had a fondness for such; she liked to say them, and see other dogs look surprised and envious, as wondering how she got so much education. But, indeed, it was not real education; it was only show: she got the words by listening in the dining-room and drawing-room when there was company, and by going with the children to Sunday-school and listening there; and whenever she heard a large word she said it over to herself many times, and so was able to keep it until there was a dogmatic gathering in the neighborhood, then she would get it off, and surprise and distress them all, from pocket-pup to mastiff, which rewarded her for all her trouble. If there was a stranger he was nearly sure to be suspicious, and when he got his breath again he would ask her what it meant. And she always told him. He was never expecting this but thought he would catch her; so when she told him, he was the one that looked ashamed, whereas he had thought it was going to be she. The others were always waiting for this, and glad of it and proud of her, for they knew what was going to happen, because they had had experience.


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Australian Outback Northern Territory Uluru Red Rock
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Australian Outback Northern Territory Uluru Red Rock
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